Travel Mugs The Promotional Gift that Keeps on Giving

Employers are constantly seeking creative ways to promote their business and improve their custom and employee satisfaction. That is why promotional products are so popular with businesses big and small. Travel mugs are particularly good promotional gifts because of how popular they are with the average person. Travel mugs are great for drinking coffee on-the-go on the way to work, school or general travel. The best part about promotional products like travel mugs is that after they are given to someone they are frequently used which promotes the company to a broad range audience. Promotional travel mugs can be given to customers, potential customers and employees. When travel mugs are given to customers they increase customer satisfaction and promote a business. If customizable travel mugs are distributed to customers across a broad range of areas, they each have the potential of bringing in more customers. And, even if they don’t bring in tons of new business they still serve as a gift that improves the relationship with the customer. Customers appreciate the attention and in the crudest sense -œthe free stuff-. Travel mugs are a great gift to give because they will last for years-and-years and will likely be taken almost everywhere a person goes during the week.

Providing potential customers with promotional products has obvious benefits. With so many marketing messages out there for potential customers to decipher it’s good to have an eye-catching, simple and positive message for future clients. Providing them with promotional products shows that the company is dedicated to quality service and wants to do business. Promotional products are also considered a business card in the form of a travel mug. This allows the potential customer to remember the brand of the company they were interested in. Giving employees promotional products may seem like a strange idea at first, after all the employees are not the target demographic. But letting employees have promotional products still works when it comes to getting a company exposure. When employees receive travel mugs, they will likely take it to work every day and will be able to answer any questions people may have about a company based on their inside knowledge. Travel mug distribution among employees will also certainly be a morale booster and something employees will consider kind from their employees. Brain Bel writes on the provides consumer information about promotional travel mug. Would you like more information about travel mug, please visit

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8 Reasons To Use Ergonomics

There are some very good reasons to practice ergonomics. The concept behind ergonomics is simple and yet, many people are reluctant to make the changes necessary to incorporate ergonomics into everyday life. As with any other change in life, it does take some concerted effort to do things differently. Understanding why ergonomics are a good idea may help you make the change a little sooner.1) Reduce Injuries – One of the biggest reasons to consider ergonomics as a lifestyle is because it will reduce injuries. While many employees suffer from various aches and pains, many of them could be avoided by recognizing and addressing symptoms early. While many work places now have ergonomic instructions and programs, there are still many that don’t. It doesn’t matter if employees are lifting heavy machinery, baking cakes or working at a computer, ergonomics will make all the difference.2) Increase Productivity – It’s no secret that when workers feel better, they do a better job. When their efforts at work can be reduced by enforcing ergonomic principles, they are going to be more productive and that means greater profit for your company. Also, aches and pains can be reduced, meaning that employees feel better in general. 3) Quality of Life is Improved – Life is so much better when one is feeling good. There is motivation, determination and enthusiasm. However, when one does not feel well from work-related injuries such as Repetitive Stress Disorder (RSD) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), she will not be able to enjoy life. Mentally and physically, one can become very unhappy and even depressed when she is unable to do activities that she enjoys because she does not feel well. Listening to your body can go a long way in helping you get out of a rut and enable you to become refreshed and excited about life again.4) Better Attitudes – Along with reducing injuries and increasing productivity comes better attitudes. While people can work under less than perfect conditions, it is reflected in their attitudes. Employers don’t always take this into account, but morale is extremely important to productivity and efficiency. When employees feel good physically, it improves their emotional stability and enables them to not only get more work done but to feel better while they do it. The opposite of this is a person who does not feel well due to poor working conditions and/or ergonomics. He complains about his health, misses work, and is irritable and grouchy to the other employees, which affects their day as well. Employees with bad attitudes can dampen morale throughout the whole work place.5) Reduce Fatigue – Minimizing fatigue throughout the day means having more energy at the end of the workday. Regardless of what you do each day at work, if you are straining and stressing your body, you will be exhausted at the end of the day. This will result in an inability to do the things that you enjoy. Sitting in a sturdy ergonomic chair throughout the day will give your body the support it needs. This will result in a stronger back, neck and arms that are not worn out from being in awkward, unnatural positions all day. In turn, you will be able to leave work rested and ready to enjoy time with your family.6) Absenteeism Reduced – CTDs account for most of the “lost time injuries” according to OSHA. In other words, people miss work just because they don’t feel well. Upon visiting their doctors, they learn that they have sore muscles or RSD or some other vague problem that can’t be treated by a doctor. Upon questioning, however, many physicians realize that their patients’ jobs are causing their health issues and will thus suggest either improved conditions, such as a better office chair. On the other hand, if a patient is feeling very poorly, the doctor may even suggest time off of work, which of course, results in lost productivity for your company.7) Less Insurance Work – Dealing with the insurance aspect of any company can be a hassle for both the employer and his employees. Claims must be filed, forms must be completed, doctors and hospitals must be called – there is truly a wide range of tasks that must be done when dealing with insurance companies. When employees are taken care of, however, the need for medical care if often unnecessary, helping to reduce insurance work for all parties.8) Less Employee Turnover – Last, but not least is the reduction in workers quitting. It’s stressful to train new people because of the paperwork, training and acclimation to a new workplace. When injuries are reduced and morale is increased, however, fewer employees are likely to quit. This is profitable for your company and gives you a good reputation in the community.These are just a few of the positive things that can happen when a company begins implementing an ergonomic mindset for the employers and employees alike. From the CEO down to the guy making minimum wage, ergonomics will help make everyone more satisfied and healthier. Ergonomics can and will make a difference for anyone who is willing to give it a try.

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A Dallas Family Attorney Knows the Nuances of Family Law

There are so many attorneys out there that have plenty of in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to settling issues such as divorce and child support as there are also many family issues that arise where the assistance of a Dallas family attorney must be sought. This is why it is wise for those having a case handled through the Dallas court system to hire a local Dallas family attorney as what constitutes “family law” may vary from state to state. An effective Dallas attorney licensed by the State Bar can handle such cases in an efficient manner and be able to give their clients the peace of mind that they needed, as well as saving their time and money.

Family Law is a branch of civil law that a family lawyer covers including the legal relationships among family members, including husbands, wives, parents, children, and domestic partners. A Dallas family law attorney specializes in the family law relationships which encompasses adoption, child custody, visitation rights, domestic violence, divorce, juvenile dependency and delinquency, marital property rights, support obligations, and paternity. So if you and your spouse decide that filing for divorce is the best option, a Dallas divorce attorney can recommend some alternatives to divorce court that you can both work out positively together. You may find that alternative dispute resolution is a less expensive, less stressful option. But if you and your spouse have children, a divorce with children can complicate the process. Child custody arrangements will need to be worked out between the parents. Setting up with a parenting plan with a Dallas divorce attorney may help make sure that the child custody agreement is fair and protects your relationship with your child.

You can speak with various local Dallas family law attorneys to find out more about divorce laws that help the divorce court determine who gets the custody. By talking with divorce lawyers in your area, you can find out local child support factors, as well as state child support enforcement laws and procedures. Each person has different experience during the divorce process, and there are also exceptions to the rule. Although state divorce laws outline how the divorce courts will handle the different aspects of divorce, the courts may take into consideration the circumstances of each individual divorce before making any final decisions.

When hiring a Dallas TX divorce attorney, a client can rest assured that their attorney will have an extensive knowledge of any state and local laws that apply to the case being handled. While all states across the entire nation have different laws, many of these laws are similar but they do have some differences that should be discerned when taken into a courtroom. Dallas attorneys can be valuable if they are familiar with local judges, other lawyers and courthouse personnel. This often makes it easier for them to handle negotiations with familiar faces and focus on aspects that certain judges deem more important than the others. All local processes differ throughout the country, but a local Dallas family lawyer like Melinda Eitzen increases the chance of a client winning a case because of her comfortable attitude within local courtrooms and familiarity with the nuances of filing procedures and guidelines.

CI Web Group is the author of this article on Dallas Attorney.
Find more information on Dallas Family Attorney here.

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Bereavement – how to deal with grief

Bereavement – Understanding and coping with Grief.

Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them – Tolstoy

In truth, no written words can -˜cure’ someone suffering with the loss of somebody whom they love.
Grief cannot be -˜cured’ anyway, but it can eventually stop being as painful as you find yourself coming to terms and -˜moving on’. But how long will this take? This is an impossible question to answer and relies on many, many factors. One thing that I am sure of though is that it is better to travel the journey with someone to support you than to do it alone.

Perhaps you are asking -˜why has he written this article if he cannot stop the horrible feelings of loss, feelings of hopelessness and depression?’ Well, that’s a fair question and the answer is that I can help you to understand the grief process that you, and everyone at times in their lives, has to go through. By understanding this, you should be better able to deal with the strong negative emotions that you must feel. Also, recognising that it is a process gives hope to the idea that it will end in spite of how you may be feeling currently.

The primary purposes of this article are therefore to

1) Offer the reader and understanding and therefore help in dealing with the natural and painful process of grieving.

2) To reassure you that the emotional and physical reactions that you may be going through are normal and perhaps even necessary.

3) To explain why help will be of great benefit in supporting and guiding you through the stages of the grieving process and what form the help takes.

It has been written by me, as a Psychotherapist , and will hopefully be of interest and benefit to several types of readers:

a) Someone who has had a recent loss and is finding it hard to come to terms with it.
b) Someone who is anticipating a loss fairly soon and wishes to prepare for it.

c)Someone who has had a loss sometime ago and feels that they are still not over the pain.

Before we begin looking into this important process, I need to clarify a couple of things.
Firstly, what is grief? We can define it as the psychological reaction to loss. We usually think of the death of someone dear to us, but we also grieve for any loss in our lives that we consider significant.

These losses could include the loss of our own childhood if this was unpleasant, divorce, having a miscarriage or losing your job etc.
The first part of this article will introduce some background topics that will help give an understanding as to why this natural process can be so difficult.


The process of grieving is a natural part of the human life experience. It is experienced differently by each of us and is affected by many factors which include culture, beliefs and the other loss experiences that we have had.

However, being a natural process is not enough to ensure that we are able to come to terms with our loss and -˜move on’ to adjust our lives and begin to function effectively again. Western society has been in a state of constant change for many years. This in itself offers stress and anxiety for many individuals. It has impacted on all aspects of our lives which includes the way we view matters such as grieving.

Social changes have seen a decline in what used to be support structures. Families used to live very near to each other, religion was strong and central to many communities, our local doctors knew us and understood us, good neighbours and others in the local community would be available to help in times of need. The decline of these support structures often means that we are (feel) more isolated thereby limiting our opportunities to share and express our emotion.
Are you able to openly show you feelings? Generally, men find this more difficult than women, at least in western society. Men are often raised being told nonsense such as “big boys don’t cry”, “real men keep their emotions under control” etc. Bottling it all up is not healthy. It is at the funeral that men can often allow themselves to cry just a bit.

Funerals play a very important part in saying goodbye and in the acceptance of the fact that a loved one is no longer part of our physical lives. You will also be able to look at the life of the deceased and see him or her in terms of celebrating that life rather than focusing on their death and absence. However, these often take place too soon after a death and can be perceived as a hurried affair. The friends and relatives attending the service will be good for you due to the support they offer, but after the service and follow up function, they leave perhaps taking with them that support.
This -˜hurried’, -˜compacted’ activity contributes to a your having a shorter time to fully grieve than is necessary.

Other difficulties include the way that friends, relatives and work colleagues relate to you. Perhaps they are too sympathetic, perhaps they avoid the subject (or you) altogether, perhaps they irritate by saying empty, albeit well meaning phrases like, ” I know exactly how you feel……”, “time is a great healer..”etc..

So let’s have a look at the process in more detail.
The field of grief counselling has benefited greatly from many dedicated and inspired researchers such as Elizabeth Kubler Ross, J William Worden. Their work and the contribution of clinical experience have shown that all loss has to go through stages. As previously mentioned, there is no fixed timescale involved as we are all affected by grief differently. How we react also depends greatly on the nature and circumstances of the death, but in general:

At this stage it has not yet been accepted that the death is real. Perhaps your sub conscious is protecting you to allow it to -˜sink in’ slowly so avoiding emotional overload. Others may even comment that you are coping well. You may feel -˜numbness’ and a sense of disbelief.

Separation and Pain
At this stage you may have feelings of intense pining and yearning. These emotions can ebb and flow and can often give concern and be distressing for those close to you that are witnessing this
You may find yourself asking others to reassure you that the person really has gone from your life.
You are likely to have feelings of emptiness and possibly keep -˜seeing’ the deceased.

This can be a very dark place for the person grieving as the full realisation of a life without the loved one now takes hold. Common thoughts include “what is the point of living without him/her?”, “how will I cope on my own?” You may find it difficult to function normally, become absent minded or depressed.

When you have passed through the previous stages you will start to believe in the possibility of -˜moving on’. This will initially be intellectual acceptance as there will still be emotional mood swings and depressions at times. Anniversaries, birthdays and other special times may still give problems for a time. Resuming a social life may give rise to feelings of guilt that your life is moving on or that others may think that you have now forgotten the deceased.

Resolution and re-organisation
Having got to this stage, you will now be able to discuss your loved person with others and recall fond memories without becoming upset. You shall also be able to lead a full social life without feelings of guilt.

Feelings, behaviours, thoughts and physical responses on your journey

Let’s have a look at some of the above. By being aware and exploring these sensations, may help you to realise that these are normal responses and ones that you can work through.

Anger, perhaps at the person who has left you. Certainly, God regularly gets an ear bashing!

Guilt, perhaps at having anger, perhaps because you have survived, perhaps you don’t know why.

Anxiety: For those having experienced an unexpected death of a loved one, you are now plunged into an uncertain future and may have concerns as to how you will cope, ever be happy again or perhaps even exist.

Emptiness, aching, loneliness as you are constantly reminded of their absence.
Tiredness/fatigue are very common symptoms which perhaps slow us down a bit and help with the healing process.

Yearning is yet another common and perfectly natural occurrence. As you move toward acceptance, this need will lessen.

Other common signs: Confusion, worries about not saying goodbye, obsessive thoughts about the deceased, hallucinations, sleep problems, absent mindedness and many more.

If you have religious beliefs, these can often be challenged at this difficult time. As mentioned earlier, God can be a focus for blame and unanswerable questions that can then make us feel gulty.

Pathological aspects.
You may hear this word which simply means that the grief process is perhaps excessive in its intensity say, resulting in certain types of behaviour or symptoms. These could include:

Quite severe depression
Difficulties in talking about the deceased without intense emotional reaction.
Excessive euphoria after the death.

I do not want to dwell on these because you may start to incorrectly analyse your feelings and this is not the purpose of this article. If you beleive, or others tell you, that you are overreacting or use language that suggests this, then see a mental health professional who is best qualified to help you through.

I hope that you found this information comforting insofar as all those bereaved suffer some if not most of these -˜symptoms’. I also hope that you can begin to realise that it can be very difficult to see your own way through this -˜fog’ of negative emotion. Without support, some can become -˜stuck’ at a particular stage which is clearly undesirable. So where can support be found and what can be expected?

If you have a close and caring family this can be a great help at least at the beginning but at some point you may need professional help. This can be provided by someone from your religious community, voluntary grief workers or professional mental health professionals such as psychotherapists and grief counsellors.

What can you expect?

The person that you select to accompany you on your journey through grief should offer these qualities:

a) He/She recognises that it is your journey and that you set the pace and timescales.

b) He/She listens to you and only speaks when needed or when appropriate.

c) Offering an environment that you accept as a -˜safe place to cry’.

d) He/She travels -˜beside’ you on this painful journey, guiding gently, always supportive.

e) NEVER be judgemental.

Finding the appropriate companion for your journey of grief can be done through voluntary agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau (UK), age support organisations, religious groups and counselling/therapy practioners which can be found in the yellow pages or online.

I wish you well on your difficult and painful journey and leave you with the knowledge that it is perfectly possible to come through this experience and to be able to get on with your life again. This does not mean that you will forget the one you have lost. You have simply adjusted your life.

David Carroll Dip CP Dip Hyp LHS


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Best Fish Oil Brand

Some people think that they have the best fish oil brand because of advertising reasons. This may be true during the old days because great products go by word of mouth due to the lack of technology. Once your friends and almost everybody you know recommends it then it would mean that it was something worth trying.

This method is somehow a not reliable today. With the use of technology and celebrity endorsements investors and manufacturers invest in millions of bucks just to advertise their products aggressively. They place their ads on huge billboards, magazines, posters, in televisions, radios, and pop up in your e-mail. This brings the false impression that their products are considerably the best fish oil brand in the market today. Aggressive marketing also subconsciously conditions the mind in purchasing their brands once they feel the need of having a healthier lifestyle.

Determining the Omega-3 essential fatty acid content in each fish oil product is important. The higher the omega-3 content of each soft gel capsule or liquid would mean better chances for you to experience greater results.  Some brands contain only 30% omega-3 while some have either lower or higher contents. Some brands can contain as much as 80% omega-3 in each soft gel capsule.

Fish that are harvested in the wild have higher omega-3 concentrations because they get the chance to consume phytoplankton which is the basic food source of aquatic life. Farmed fish on the other hand are fed with growth pellets and antibiotics. The latter is to enable the fish to survive the dense population in fish pens. Farmed fish contain little or no omega-3 at all.

Another thing that you should watch out for is the presence of heavy metals and toxic pollutants. Fish absorb mercury, PCB’s, dioxin, and 28 other toxic pollutants that are present in their environment. The higher the fish in the food chain such as sharks, albacore tuna, swordfish, etc have higher concentrations of bad elements in their tissues. Areas where the fish are harvested are also important.

One of the cleanest, deepest and coldest bodies of waters around the world is in Norwegian waters. This is where there are very little man-made or natural occurring pollutants. Some harvest smaller fish such as anchovies and sardines to that have rich amounts of omega-3 but very little pollutants in the end.

Determine the good manufacturing processes implemented by the company through background checks or visiting their sites. IFOS or International Fish Oil Standards is a third-party voluntary testing center that aims to give the consumers the best of the best of omega-3. If they refuse to submit to these standards they obviously have something to hide.

Some companies employ the process of purification and molecular distillations to increase the concentration of omega-3 have and remove or lessen the presence of pollutants. There are also other voluntary third party drinks that these companies can adhere to.

Just make sure that you ask for a Certificate of Analysis from the store where you got the product. The COA will help you determine the best fish oil brand.

Click here now to visit the best fish oil supplement brand’s official website.

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The Baby Boomer

The term Baby Boomer refers to people born between the years 1946 and 1964 Today people born in that era have a different mind set than people born in other eras.It’s interesting when I observe friend I have who are Baby Boomers . They are just like anybody who are also a parent trying their best to provide good parenting to their children and following some parenting tips to have effective family communication. For some their ‘use by date’ is fast approaching, they now reflect on how old they were and decided that they are too old to follow through on some of their dreams. For others they focused on how much they haven’t achieved and they reminisce on what they could have achieved had they had more time. Many people regret each passing year, as if age were taking something from them rather than adding to them. They are at risk of depression and some suffer from Stress and panic attacks.It is not uncommon for people to lose their identity as they become totally absorbed in one area of life, be it family or work that they sacrifice many other areas. It is not until some significant event happens: again be it children growing up or perhaps retirement approaches, a mid life crisis or even ill health strikes that one takes the time to reflect upon what hasn’t been achieved.If you are a baby boomer and this represents how you feel about the process of growing older, you could be missing out on a great deal of rewarding personal challenge and fulfillment. For me I don’t identify with this mindset. I believe that how age affects you is largely up to you. And yes, you can imagine yourself years from now sitting inert, in an armchair for the rest of your life. Or you can visualize a dynamic old age, in which you are busy and feel stretched and rewarded. For me I took the later approach and I am glad I did.You see, the assumption that old age means inevitable physical and mental decline is incorrect. In fact, scientists have provided proof that growing older can actually enhance mental powers. It is a period that can bring wisdom, peace and grace.To make the most of this time – to grow in wisdom rather than let life close in around you – requires a willingness to tackle challenges, and to welcome change and new experiences. In other words, it means pursuing a dynamic creative life, retaining a thirst for knowledge and exploration of the world and of the individual within. Understand this I imagined a picture of myself being busy and feeling stretched and rewarded I took action. I defined goals for myself and I took action. It happened some 10 years ago, I found myself in a strange paradox, one where I was looking back in the past and to the future at the same time. My past reflected raising two children, operating a business and maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband. I was approaching my 50th birthday and I felt that I needed to assess what it was that I wanted to be doing for the rest of my self.Having read many books I realized that there were many people who in their mature years, some as old as 90, who took control of their fate and embarked on re discovering themselves. They undertook training and the rest is in the history books.Colonial Sanders , at the age of 65, chased his personal legend and launched Kentucky Fried Chicken, creating a reputation and amassing himself a fortune.The contemporary English novelist, Mary Wesley, wrote her first novel at age 70. Teiichi Igarashi was 89 when he first climbed to the top of Japan’s Mt. Fuji . He repeated this feat annually and became the first over 100-year-old to conquer the summit.I wanted to live my life to the full, but first I had to change some of my limiting beliefs, and I had to align my values to reflect what was important to me at that stage of my life.I have come a long way since then, I undertook training as a Life Coach, I believed with the wealth of experience I had in all areas of life I would make a great coach and mentor. I undertook training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became a trainer, I undertook studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy and am now a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and there were many other modalities that I studied including Counselling. I have written and had published books and released a set of Hypnotherapy recordings.How did I do this? What do I have that perhaps many Baby Boomers lack? To be completely honest it is nothing more than that I have an insatiable curiosity and I have a passion to live life to the full. Anyone can achieve what I have achieved and even more. You have the power to be who you want to be….all you need to do is plan for it…..Education Training and information are crucial in enriching people’s lives. Many educational establishments welcome older student.Keep redefining your goals and making new ones Don’t dwell on unrealised goals from your younger daysExpect to be active. Don’t book yourself into the retirement home while you are still healthy.Keep levels of stimulation high. Don’t imagine that you will be content to potter in the garden if your work has always been important to youIt is important to remember that: After you reach maturity, your life does not begin inexorably to ebb from you. Growing older gives opportunities for continuous creative development.To read more articles and become more inspired to live the life you want to live go to there you will find a treasure trove of valuable articles and resources which I hope you get great value out of.

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The Baby Boomer Generation Opens Up Doors To New Careers

There are those among us whose sole aim is life is to help others around them. In fact, so entrenched is this idea that they take up careers which help them to help others. Although this discipline can be learned, it does help to already have the urge to help others otherwise it is just simply a matter of doing work which is available. For those who feel the need to do this kind of work, look online under ‘jobs in cna or ‘caregiver jobs’ to see what kind of schemes come up.

The training is quite intense since it is people that are being helped. This is no mundane factory job and consequently, the training is more rigorous for sure. People skills have to be learned along with the way to handle older folk or those who have serious illnesses which may not be pleasant to deal with at all. Some parts of the courses will also show people how to disengage from the patient if emotional stress becomes too much. After all, it is no good for the helper to fall apart when the patient needs all the support here.

The courses take the form of DVDs and books for the novice to read and understand and then some practical experience so that they do not go into the work with only theory at their disposal. Human beings often do not act as a book says they should so some hours spent in a facility will aid the novice once they start looking for work later on.

The general idea is that people help those who cannot help themselves for one reason or another. The quality of life for the patient must always come first and they really do not need to know about difficulties that the helper is going through in the outside world. Indeed, it would be cruel indeed to saddle them with the woes of everyday life when they are already suffering themselves.

Most people come to this kind of job from personal experience. If asked, many people will tell of how they took care of an elderly parent at home or a sick relative or something like that. When that person got better, or they passed on, the helper sometimes feels the need to fill the gap in their lives so they take it up professionally.

Another idea is to start small in a retirement home when the helper needs to fill this gap. By visiting the elderly, some people get a good feeling so they can spread their time between several people on a few days per week. This kind of work needs very little training since they often just keep people company for a while. However, if they feel the need to do more, then colleges and hospitals have all kinds of opportunities for people who are determined. With the baby boomers aging fast, this is the kind of career that has a solid future for those who want to help others.


Stewart Wrighter recently used a professional service to findPhoenix jobs in cna for a friend who is in need of a job. His daughter was pleased to seePittsburgh caregiver jobs available.

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Trafford Publishing’s Book Marketing Services for September Offer Increased Exposure for Less

Trafford Publishing, one of the leading independent book publishing companies today, provides authors the chance to increase their book’s exposure through their September marketing services savings. With three high-profile media marketing opportunities, self published authors can customize their book marketing services for promotional clout.


Miami Book Fair Gallery – This Trafford book marketing service allows authors to showcase their books in front of publishers, authors and book lovers at The Miami Book Fair Gallery on November 19-21. This is one of the year’s most prominent literary gatherings in the book publishing industry. Trafford Publishing authors will have their displayed in the Trafford Book Gallery section of the said event with this marketing service as they purchase a place at the Book Fair Gallery.  Receive a $50 discount from the original price of $399.


Book Expo Bundle – Trafford Publishing’s Book Expo Bundle allows authors to showcase their books at three of the most prominent literary events of the world: the 2010 Miami Book Fair International, 2011 London Book Fair and the 2011 Book Expo America in New York. This book marketing service is perfect for authors who wish to showcase their books on an international level. Avail on or before September 30 and save $100.


Author Radio Interview with Stu Taylor – Trafford Publishing provides authors the chance to tap the power of the broadcast media with this book marketing service.  Stu Taylor, a nationally syndicated business radio talk show host, will interview Trafford Publishing authors aired live via online radio streaming and recorded for widespread distribution over select leading radio and online broadcast channels such as Radio America Network, Cable Radio Network, WBIX Boston and 86 affiliate networks across the country. To further enhance your book’s marketing campaign, this September Trafford Publishing will include a 1-million-strong email campaign for the Author Radio Interview at no added cost. 


Trafford is dedicated in helping authors marketing goals. To know more about their September book marketing offers, please call 888.232.4444 or visit their website


Increase your book’s exposure. Grab your Free Book Marketing Guide today!


*These offers cannot be combined with any previously purchased offers.

**Offers are valid only until September 30, 2010.

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Tragus – Cool Body Piercings Jewelry

A fleshy prominence at the front of the external opening of the ear is known as Tragus. There are various kinds of jewelry available to make the ears look beautiful. Tragus Rings, Bars & other Jewelry for Tragus Piercings. Jewelry that is worn in the Tragus includes small BCR’s, Barbells & Labrets. Typically, it is small in size measuring around 1.2mm & 1.6mm gauges are used depending on the piercing.

Numerous kinds of jewelry are available to make your ears look more beautiful. You can also choose from a whole range of body jewelry available at various stores. Navel Jewelry, Tongue Jewelry, Lip Jewelry, Nose Jewelry, Eyebrow Jewelry, Ear Jewelry, Nipple Jewelry and Plastic Retainer are some of the kinds of body piercing jewelry available that can add a hint of glamour to your personality.

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There are numerous sites online offering information on body jewelry. One can also get free delivery done almost on all kinds of jewelry including Tragus Piercing Jewelry.

Tragus or ear jewelry can be worn in the tragus or any part of the ear. The specialist offering this kind of jewelry caters for all kinds of body piercing and offers a very wide range of styles, colours and sizes, all at low prices. Tragus jewelry and top of ear jewelry – studs and barbells for tragus and anti-tragus piercing, and also upper ear (pinna or helix piercing), will give a new look to your personality.

Tongue piercing is also very popular. Tongue piercing is piercing through the tongue. The most common type of piercing is piercing in the centre of the tongue. Multiple piercing is also done by many of the people who want a fashionable tongue piercing. Tongue piercing is a very delicate art as it involves a lot many complications. It is also one of the most difficult type of piercing as compared to other types of piercing. Most often the piercing is painful as it penetrates the muscle tissue which is very delicate.

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The tongue rings can be of any size. It depends upon the thickness of the tongue. There are various shops on the net which gives you a variety of choices to choose from and one which fits your style the most. You can choose from a wide variety of tongue rings. Acrylic tongue rings are made from acrylic and have a stainless steel shaft with two acrylic balls that can come unscrewed. Logo barbell is a type of tongue ring which has pictures of your choice inscribed onto the barbells. It is made up of steel and has a picture inlaid design, of your choice. Choose the tongue piercing of your choice.

Find out more about Tragus jewelry and other body jewelry here

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Best Chinese Products For Women’s Hair Loss – Provillus Hair Treatments

What best Chinese products for women’s hair loss can you find today? A recent study shows that apart from arthritis, the second uncomfortable occurrences that befall women is losing of hair.

This is a review of one powerful hair regrowth treatments called “Provillus.” It’s specially formulated with the right and purest natural Chinese essences that your hair needs to blossom and regrow back to a more sleek type. You would like what you see on your head if you dare to try Provillus Hair solution.

Truth be told, getting your hairs back is not really simple as you read from all those biased reviews online. Such claims promise to help you regrow your hair overnight if you could only invest a few dollars into this so-called heavenly product. I can’t be like all those hype-e reviewers. My goal is to show you the exact product that has helped a lot of other desperate people get their lovely hair back.

By using Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment, you won’t get an instant result but will definitely get result sooner than expected. There have been countless testimonials and comments from consumers who tried Provillus. You will read success stories of how people like you regrow their lost hair within 20 days of applying it as specified. Others got faster results while others achieved success in about 30 days.

Are you seeking for instant answers to your hair problems? Well, I don’t think I can help and Provillus may not be the right one for you. As one of the  best Chinese products for women’s hair loss, you will smile alongside other happy women who have proven this unique solution.

How does Provillus Hair Regrowth Solution Works and what natural ingredients are used that guarantees you will get your precious hair back in weeks? Find out from the homepage. Click the link below:

Checkout Provillus Page ==> Best Chinese Products For Women’s Hair loss

Have I succeeded in making this hair loss product review bias-free? Please forgive if I haven’t. It’s not in my nature to do that. I felt guiding you on the right path can play a significant role in helping you spend your hard earned cash well. Do take action today and try what is recommended if you want your hairs back.

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